The Issue of Being Used, Nintendo Offers Some Advice to Microsoft

Nintendo gets real and dishes out their opinions on the used game market.

Nintendo gets real and dishes out their opinions on the used game market.
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Looks like Microsoft is going to need some ice today.

Nintendo seems to really get what used games actually mean to us as gamers and have proven it with a statement made toward Microsoft “If Devs are worried about used game sales, they should make better games”.

With the console war finally heating up, the topic of buying, selling and trading used games is one of the more prominent issues that the next generation faces. Sony and Nintendo seem to get that gamers really like to have the option to do whatever they like with the game that they purchase. Microsoft, on the other hand, has separated itself from the pack, claiming that the used game market costs them too much money.

The Gaming community is a highly social one in its very own special way (sometimes overly special) and the ability to let friends borrow games and the ability to borrow them in return is arguable one of the more beloved traditions that have held up over the years.

Nintendo has proven that they really know how to develop brands with high replay ability with their hot franchises such as Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers. With the amount of used games sales for other systems compared to that of Nintendo’s, its almost safe to say that Nintendo has figured it all out as far as keeping the customers that they have.

If you would like to read the whole statement you can find it here

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