The Next Champion to Join the League!

Speculation on who I think is going to come next, and some information about champions Riot said they would make!

What is the next champion in League going to be?  Recently we got the mid champion Lissandra (I swear her head looks like a stealth bomber), but what’s going to be next?  My friend keeps talking about this Yordle Jungle, but I am skeptical considering I cannot find anything about it, and Zac is still pretty resent, so I can’t see Riot popping out yet another jungle character.  My thoughts are we should see a top soon; if you look at all the previous champions, you can categorize them by the one role that seems to be taken into account during the design phase.  The last champions we have seen are:

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  • Mid champion Lissandra
  • Jungle champion Zac
  • ADC champion Quinn
  • Support Champion Thresh
  •  Top Champion Vi

My thought is we will being seeing another top, since the last one was Vi.  On the other hand, it could be any lane, because if you look at your store, the five horizontal champions all seem to fill 1 role in some of the top few rows. Coincidence, I think not!  If you don’t believe me take a look, I have even drawn a table up for you to take a look at:








Row 1






Row 2






Row 3






Row 4







Call me crazy, but I see a pattern here.

I understand this isn’t 100% perfect, but I seem to be able to follow a general trend, which would lead me to believe that this is how they are going to start doing things.  I think that if Riot doesn’t have a design in mind, they at least know what role they want to fill. Riot has decided to make a top champion and at this point they have no plans to how it will work, or play–just that it will be a top champion.

On another note I would really like to know when they are going to fix some of the existing champions; for example Mr.-Triangle-feet Taric!  Although Taric is still fabulous, I would really like to see some change made to bring him out of the stone ages.


would also like to ask about the changes that were apparently happening with Heimerdinger.  It seems like months ago since I heard about this, yet Nidalee(I know it was only a visiual), Sejuani, and Trundle all got reworks before him, and yet they really didn’t seem to need them.  Trundle was cooler before Riot changed him!  Morello even said that a rework is coming yet I don’t see one.

A video about the topic, and an article talking more about it!

After all we did see Riot rework Karma, and how did that go? Nowhere; Karma is still really under powered and her mantra still doesn’t feel right.  The way she was designed to have her two stacks add up to one ult just doesn’t seem to work, and her abilities seem to be really lacking compared to other champions when she doesn’t use her mantra.  All in all the changes were not successful, and I am hoping that if they do decide to rework a champion, then they make them viable once again so that all that hard work can be appreciated by you and me!

What do you as fellow summoners thing of these changes?  Do you think a rework is coming, and do you think Heimer needs it?  If you had to make a choice–would you fix, or visually upgrade?  Feel free to comment below with your suggestions and ideas!

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