The Oculus Rift Shows How Terrifying Virtual Reality Can Be

Or hilarious, depending on where you are standing.

Or hilarious, depending on where you are standing.
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The Oculus Rift is the big Kickstarter project that has the gaming world abuzz with excitement over the past months. The Oculus is a special headset that follows your eye movement and, when combined with noise canceling head phones, creates an immersive experience that people have only dreamed of.

There have been many videos uploaded of people testing it out, or having fun with the new technology, but one hilarious video caught my eye on the front page of r/videos.

First off, I was drunk as f**k when I did this. Second, this sh*t doesn’t f**k around with the f**k around. You are -in it-. The motion sickness, the fear, the tension.. All of it is real. This is awesome technology that I will never use again.

While most of us might not freak out over a mere roller coaster ride, it leaves me even more excited (if that is possible) over the possibilities of the Oculus Rift. If this tech is so immersive it makes people have physical reactions, what would happen if applied to something a little scarier, like say Amnesia?

I can honestly say that some poor soul will make this poor decision sometime in the future. I can only hope that someone records it, and posts it on YouTube for everyone to enjoy.

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