The Shattered Frost Queen Cortalia – GW2 Contest

Cortalia is at home in the chilly peaks of Timberline Falls.

Found laying on the bottom of a waterfall in Timberline Falls, her parents knew Cortalia was different from the moment her shattered dragon wings sprouted from her back. Believed to be a spawn of Jormag, it took a long time to earn the trust of the people of Tyria. Through her persistence and hard work she stands as one of the Vigil and fights against Ziahtan.

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The Vigil only questioned her loyalty once, the ensuing battle against Ziahtan’s minions where she turned the tide of battle, slamming her foes around like a crazed berserker while healing her allies earned her the respect and loyalty of those around her.

Even without the ability of flight she fears no height and has found all the puzzle filled corners of Tyria earning her a distinction in applied jumping title from her friends.

The Outfit

  • Head – Exalted Mask
  • Shoulders – Conjurer Mantle
  • Coat – Sorcerer’s Coat
  • Hands – Sorcerer’s Livery
  • Pants – Socerer’s Pants
  • Boots – Cabilist Boots


  • Sapphire
  • Winter Ice

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