The True Message of E3 seems to be Next Gen is coming…. in 2014

There seems to be a common theme in next gen gaming of E3 this year, we will have to wait a little longer for the next gen.

It seems both Sony and Microsoft are not ready for the next gen to come this year.

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Many of these game are coming out either sometime(?) or next year, showing gamers that both companies are having their systems become a truly worthwhile purchase in 2014.

Games and Their Release Year

 Both companies have shown there are still many uncertainties with their consoles, Microsoft’s online check in and DRM on disc games and Sony’s use of Gakai for its cloud. It seems that both companies will definitely have their issues figured out, hopefully before or at launch. But of course there is a good chance these issues will not be figured out before the console’s launch. Sony has even stated its cloud service will not be available until 2014!

With these thoughts in mind and many of this holiday’s big titles releasing on both current and next gen systems, it would seem gamers should wait. Wait and see what the whole picture of the new consoles is. Wait and see where their friends are going to be playing. Wait and see what other media things these systems will be able to do. Wait and see to make the smartest possible decision about who to give your hard earned money to — to the company that made a console for you. It seems that in 2013 no one will be able to see if either console is for them, instead Sony and Microsoft will see who their fanboys are. 

These figures above may not be 100% accurate. I am not in attendance at E3 and may not have seen all the news coming out of E3. Feel free to comment if you find any new information and I will update this post.

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