The Very Best of Mew-Inspired Rage from the Google Maps Pokemon Challenge

Warning: Strong Language and Crushed Dreams Ahead. A slideshow of quotes from the most dedicated, and frustrated, participants in the Google Maps Pokemon Challenge who just never found Mew.

As the Google Maps Pokemon Challenge went from April Fools joke to crazy productivity halting internet sensation, would-be Pokemon Masters discovered that finding the final Pokemon, Mew, was anything but a walk in the park.

These are their stories.

(AKA - our favorite quotes highlighting the intensity of the search from r/googlepokemon set over only the best soft focus photography from Google images in the finest in Freestyle Script that has to offer.)

Vespyre had this special message for all fellow searchers reporting in with found Mews.

batsinthecradle started off with an inspirational speech and ended up cracking under the pressure.

Tams82, we don't think you're selfish. Sweet dreams.

Peace is found within, Mechanity. Did you check there for Mew?

This sounds like the grounds for a solid reality TV series, steg505.