The Waiting Room – Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein has been the dark horse of the next-gen line-up for quite awhile, let's shine some light on it to rekindle some excitement.
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Hello all, and welcome to the first edition of The Waiting Room, where the gaming world never lets us take a rest without thinking about the next upcoming game that won’t stop teasing your brain.

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Today’s topic is Wolfenstien: The New Order

An adaption of a retro game of a similar name, Castle Wolfenstein, where players attempt to escape a German/Nazi fort as an American captive.

This game recieved a sequel and even a 3D adaption, but it’s been dead since the beginning of the new millennium.


So why reanimate the corpse now?

(Pun intended.) Most people answered “To bring back the old FPS genre” and when I thought about it, I ended up agreeing. I would never have guessed the design and gameplay before it was shown to us and that is most likely because I’ve never seen something like it, the shooters I grew up playing was battlefield, medal of honor, and of course COD.

But with games like the Metro series and the Bioshock franchise (I seriously thought this game was a fusion of the two when I was viewing gameplay) popping up, I see a new line of FPS games appearing. There is an increasing focus on story and exploration as shooting actually seems to be taking a back-seat, something Battlefield and COD fans have been asking for for a long time.

I think this game will be a product of this new kind of shooter.

But make no mistake, the shooting looks just as satisfying as any other games with a big and gritty metallic gun selection, you’re bound to have fun destroying you’re enemies as you rush through them like ’80-’90s action movie.

You’re bound to have lots of interesting enemies. Players take on the role of a man who fell into a coma in the middle of World War 2 and woke up in 1960 to a Nazi-ruled world with almost any resistance laid to rest by robotic super-soldiers (*cough* Big Daddy prototypes) backing up Germany. With beautiful Bioshock-esq (I’m done) art and a soundtrack composed of classics and German songs that are bound to get a reaction out of you, negative or positive, Wolfenstein: The New Order is definitely going to be a good time which is only going to make this Waiting Room harder to sit through.

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