Why not hack some raiders with a lightsaber in a sequin dress while you wait for The Force Awakens?

This Fallout 4 mod lets you wield a lightsaber in the wasteland

Why not hack some raiders with a lightsaber in a sequin dress while you wait for The Force Awakens?

If you’re getting antsy about the wait for the new Star Wars movie, Fallout 4 has a fix for you. A modder known as invalidfate has created a mod that lets players import lightsabers into Fallout 4 as melee weapons.

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The mod comes with four different colored lightsabers: blue, green, red and pink. They each come with their own unique equip animations and light sources. They also feature audio clips for igniting the weapons, but these are (unfortunately) not the same as in the films.

Regardless, the mods looks awesome and appear to work wonderfully. The sabers come with a base damage of 90 that can be enhanced through the game’s skill trees, creating perfect opportunities for Jedi and Sith simulations.

Currently, the mod is only available for PC players, but Developer Bethesda has promised that mods will be available on consoles at some point in 2016. If you want to double up on your Star Wars fun, invalidfate also released a Darth Vader helmet to go along with the lightsabers. Mods are a beautiful thing. 

Quick Take: I want it, I want it, I want it! Did I mention how much I wanted it? The Darth Vader sim I’ve been kicking around in my head for some time now can finally come true! That is, if these mods make their way over to consoles. I’ve got to think that a Force Push and Choke ability mod has to be in the cards at some point.

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