This Mass Effect 3: Citadel Trailer Made Me Weep Openly

Friendly reminder: Everyone you've ever loved is dead.

Friendly reminder: Everyone you've ever loved is dead.
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Look, I’m not saying that bad things happened in this trailer. I’m not saying great things did. I’m not even going to talk about that line about random acts of violence, even if it is a great line. 

What I’m saying is I’ve spent years of my life with this game. I’m pretty sure my combined total playtime of the entire Mass Effect series would put the lifespan of your average sea turtle to shame. It’s my go-to game. Nothing on TV? Play Mass Effect. Calm before the E3 storm? Play Mass Effect. Gotta pay bills? Play Mass Effect (until they shut off your electricity). I’m saying that any return to this game is going to punch me while I’m down. 

But I never expected this. 

You thought the news article talking about ‘sending Commander Shepard off in style’ was an exaggeration? That the DLC would be about blowing stuff up with a little nostalgia on the side? It’s not. This trailer makes it pretty darn obvious that Bioware blatantly decided to set off one last nuclear blast in the smoking ruins of your Mass Effect-shaped heart.

The DLC comes out on the 5th, and if you’re ready to cry, cold and alone in the darkness of your living room, you should really consider shelling out the $15 for Mass Effect 3: Citadel. 

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