This Week On GameSkinny Episode Three

A weekly wrap up of the biggest and best articles to come to GameSkinny this week. Week of June 23-30.

This week was a little uneventful, so let me try to spice it up for you!  Keyword “try”.

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This weeks articles are as follows:

  • MLG No Longer Working with Blizzard from Aneudys Tejeda.
  • The Ouya’s Role in the Console War: Consumer Trust Above All from Jay Ricciardi.
  • Star Citizen: Highest Grossing Crowdfunded Project from GabrielKross.
  • Interview with Javier Cabrera of Cabrera Brothers Creators of Cypher from Emmelinep.
  • Four Hour Mobile Gaming Session Ruptures Breast Implants from Mirroredsakura.
  • Ellen Page Forgives Naught Dog from Amazon Eliza Steele.
  • Armikrog in its Final Hour from Reilly C.
  • The Wallace and Gromit scene I mentioned.
  • Why I Think Video Game Violence is Full of Bull**** from RetroGamer96.

Come by the forum and make your nominations for this upcoming week!

And that’s all folks!

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