Time To Level Up. Try This Pokemon-Inspired Workout At Your Local Gym

We've created a Pokemon-inspired full body workout to help you become the best. Like no one ever was.

Working hard to get abs harder than a Metapod? Want to run as fast as a Rapidash? Looking to get that beach body before summer hits? Or do you just need something to shake up your normal training routine? We've got your back. We here at GameSkinny have been all across Kanto, and we've come up with a workout that will leave you more ripped than a Machamp, assuming you can defeat all the gym leaders. Each slide in this article features links to websites where you can visualize the exercises before you perform them, so you can make sure you're exercising safely and effectively. Remember, always use a spotter, and if you're too tired to continue, don't push yourself too hard. We wouldn't want you fainting on us. That said, go ahead. Train on. Soon you'll be more cut than HM01.


To defeat Brock, you'll need to show immense strength. Defeating either his Geodude or Onix will net you the Boulder Badge and allow you to move on. Either grab the Onix's tail and shake it to increase your upper body strength, or trainers who are very comfortable with kettlebells can attempt a core exercise with some Geodude Half-Turkish Get Ups.

TO DEFEAT ONIX – Battle Rope Waves, perform until failure.
TO DEFEAT GEODUDE – 20 Kettlebell Half-Turkish Get Ups, 10 on each side. Be sure to use a spotter for this exercise.


To defeat Misty's Staryu and Starmie, you'll have to take a swim. Using dumbbells. The Swimmer's Press is a great upper body exercise that activates muscles along the arms and shoulders across a wide range of motion. 

TO DEFEAT STARYU & STARMIE – 20 Deep Swimmer's Presses, 10 on each side.


Lieutenant Surge's thunderous thighs prove that he never skips leg day. And to beat him and earn the Thunder Badge, you'll need to prove that you don't either. Threaded Kettlebell Lunges are great leg workouts, and because you're passing the kettlebell through your legs, your upper body is involved too.

TO DEFEAT VOLTORB, PIKACHU, AND RAICHU – 20 Threaded Kettlebell Lunges


To earn the Rainbow Badge, you will have to survive Tangela's fearsome bind attack. While grasping the Pokemon's cable-like vines, train your chest and leg muscles by combining the motion of a chest fly with a forward lunge. Be sure not to let the weight carry you back to the machine. Keep the movement controlled and slow.

TO DEFEAT TANGELA, VICTREEBELL, AND VILEPLUME – 20 Cable Chest Flies w/ Alternating Leg Lunges


Acquiring the Soul Badge from Fuschia City's fearsome Koga and his Pokemon through bodyweight squats seems like a simple task at first, but over time, your body will feel the effects of the poisons of Koffing, Muk, and Weezing. Perseverance is key to obtaining this badge and moving on.

TO DEFEAT KOFFING, MUK, AND WEEZING – 40 Bodyweight Squats. Keep the motion controlled and smooth, but do not rest between reps at all, and keep your knees slightly bent until all 40 are complete.


Defeating Sabrina and her psychic type Pokemon will require intense concentration. The plank is the ultimate mind-over-matter workout. Keep your core tight, breathe, and concentrate. Before you know it, the Soul Badge will be yours.

TO DEFEAT KADABRA, MR. MIME, VENOMOTH, AND ALAKAZAM – Perform 3 sets of planks, holding each for 1 minute or until failure, whichever comes first. If a plank ends early, perform a fourth plank until failure.


Your journey is nearing its end. Only two more badges remain. But standing in your way now is Blaine. To defeat him, you'll have to feel the burn (sorry, we couldn't help ourselves). Reverse Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups are great ways to engage most of your upper body muscles, even if you cannot perform chin-ups or pull-ups normally. As long as the motion is controlled and slow the whole way down, you will build strength and increase your flexibility and range of motion.

TO DEFEAT GROWLITHE, PONYTA, ARCANINE, AND RAPIDASH – 10 Reverse Pull-Ups, followed by 10 Reverse Chin-Ups.


Giovanni, the leader of Viridian Gym and of the nefarious Team Rocket now stands in your way. He is truly a fearsome trainer, but at this point, you are ready. To defeat his ground type Pokemon and claim the Earth Badge, you must become closer to the earth yourself. You'll do this by performing burpees, and as a bonus, you'll get a great cardio workout while building strength in your chest, triceps, and legs.


Congratulations! You've received all 8 gym badges.

But you know very well that your adventure isn't over yet. In fact, it's just beginning. Because now you must face...


This will be your greatest challenge yet. Before becoming a champion, you must use what you have learned so far to defeat the Elite Four. Use the lessons learned from earning the Volcano badge to defeat Lorelei's Ice Pokemon with fire, protect yourself from Bruno's fighting type Pokemon by using Koga's poison to your advantage, and use the concentration you showed in earning the Marsh badge to defeat Agatha's ghost Pokemon with psychic types. Finally, to defeat Lance's Pokemon, you'll have to find your inner dragon.

TO DEFEAT LORELEI, BRUNO, AGATHA, AND LANCE – Perform 3 Reverse Chin-ups and Pullups, followed by 25 Bodyweight Squats, a 60 Second Plank, and 5 Dragon Flags.

Congratulations! Now you're a true Pokemon champion.

...is what I should say, but somebody beat you here.

That's right. You're not done just yet. Now you need to face your rival.


Defeating the Champion, your greatest rival, will require full body strength. Stay determined, and you will make your way into the hall of fame. Alternate squats and bicep curls, dumbbells in hand, to strengthen your arms and legs while claiming the title of Pokemon master.

DEFEAT THE CHAMPION – 10 Weighted Squats and Bicep Curls. Alternate each rep, completing the squat while holding the weight. Then, after each squat, curl the dumbbells. Repeat 10 times.

Good job, trainer. You've claimed all 8 gym badges, defeated the Elite Four and the Champion, and you're a true Pokemon master. Now hit the showers. You've earned it.

Feel free to sound off in the comments with any video-game inspired workouts you like to do, or any comments you have after completing this intense one. We'll be here to help as you train!