Timelines We’d Love to see Assassin’s Creed Take on

7 timelines Assassin's Creed should take on in future games
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Assassin's Creed has taken us for a wild ride across the world in the last several years when it comes to timelines. We've seen the Italian Renaissance, fought during the American Revolution, witnessed the Third Crusade, traveled throughout the Ottoman Empire, traipsed through Paris on the eve of the French Revolution and then some. 

With news of the next Assassin's Creed installment Victory, to be set in Victorian era London we can't help but consider other possible timelines for future AC games. After all, there are still several eras begging to be visited and with the use of Abstergo and the Animus, doing just that shouldn't be a problem. 

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Feudal Japan

Just imagine it; assassin meets samurai and the ninja. The thought alone calls home a multitude of possibilities for character designs, besides isn't Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed assassin nothing more than a ninja in a cool jacket?

Feudal Japan is filled with civil wars and alliances that would be a perfect fit for the Assassin's Creed style. It could also lead to new fighting styles and assassin weapons; just think about what the franchise could do to classic Japanese weapons like the kunai or suntetsu. Plus, being in Japan means amazing roof running evasions and killer ninja smokescreens.

Even if Ubisoft didn't want to go with typical ninja style, there is always the option of going the route of Imperials versus Shoguns, which could easily adapt to the Templar versus Assassin story line. 

Ancient Egypt

Even Assassin's Creed Black Flag director, Ashraf Ismail said he would love to see Assassin's Creed take on Egypt, so why not go for it? Political turmoils, assassinations and the culmination of the reign of Pharaohs are just a few reasons why Ancient Egypt should be a consideration.

Besides, if Abstergo really wants us to uncover secrets of the past, wouldn't it make sense to send us to the pyramids? They're just about one of the biggest treasure chests in the world. 

Persian Empire

In the last few years, we've got a glimpse of the great Persian Empire through films like 300 and 300: Rise of an Empire. But just a glimpse.

Ubisoft is responsible for the Prince of Persia franchise and, while they might say "been there done that," an open world exploration of Persia through Assassin's Creed could be amazing. 

Roman Empire

Rome is built on history. Since Assassin's Creed is all about the history of the Templar's and Assassin's, placing the game within the Roman Empire is perfect. Julius Caesar, Brutus, Cleopatra, Marc Antony; there are plenty of well known and powerful faces that our Assassin's could either serve or slay.

Just think about it, Caesar was an acting figurehead of the Templars and Brutus was an Assassin. It would put a new perspective on history. 

Mongolian Empire

Genghis Khan is an undeniably known figure in Mongolian history but at the same time, a great deal isn't known about him. However, according to the Assassin's Creed timeline, we do know that Genghis was suspected of wielding the Pieces of Eden that led to his rise in power. We also know that the Mongol Empire that Khan created were major enemies of the Assassins.

Would that make the Mongol's Templars? Or just an outside force? Or just puppets? I think we need a game to find out.

Han Dynasty

If you've been mulling over the possible eras for Assassin's Creed, maybe you've seen the amazing fan art out there that gives us a glimpse of what a Chinese Assassin's Creed could look like. Add that to the knowledge of the Han Dynasty and the notorious complex politics of early China and we've got an ideal formulation for the cut-throat Assassin and Templar rivalry. 


After Assassin's Creed Black Flag, adapting a game off the men of the north just seems to make sense. Vikings are known for their ships and Black Flag did a great job incorporating ships into the story line, so why not continue that?

Raiding would, of course, be featured but it would be equally as awesome to see some Norse Mythology incorporated throughout the game. 

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