We take a look at the best five songs Hotline Miami 2 has to offer!

Top 5 best music tracks in Hotline Miami 2

We take a look at the best five songs Hotline Miami 2 has to offer!

Hotline Miami and its sequel are games that are well-known for their neo-’80s style, and what brings out this style the most is their badass electronic soundtracks. The music in these games seem as if they were made for the sole purpose of providing us a soundtrack to bash mobsters heads in.

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In this article, we take a look at the top five tracks that pump us up in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.

5. In the Face of Evil – Magic Sword

This haunting track is eerily reminiscent of The Exorcist, and it sends a chill down your spine as you punch and shoot and fight your way through a mob house. What makes this track especially unsettling is how it contrasts with the more upbeat, fast paced tracks featured in the other levels of the game. This change of pace is ominous and makes us think that there is impending doom waiting at the end of the level… and there just might be.

4. Magna – Divide

This one is straight out of Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive. With its repetitive rhythm and bass, this song perfectly captures the essence of a silent, stone-cold protagonist going room to room and clearing a building of scum (violently).

3. Le Perv – Carpenter Brut

Nothing quite says prison break like a song that begins relatively calm but then builds up to one of the most intense, heartrate-increasing tracks featured in a game. This track makes the player truly feel like a superhero as they mow down felons through a prison to face a boss at the end of the level.

2. Perturbator – Technoir

Not every great song in this game takes place during a bloodbath. This track in particular, takes place during cutscenes where sinister protagonists conspire and recover from the previous misson. You almost feel like you need to take a shower just by listening to this while in the prescence of these low lives.

1. Roller Mobster – Carpenter Brut

“This cocaine makes me feel like I’m on this song”

This is by far the most intense track in the game. There are ways to slowly make your way through each level in Hotline Miami if you do not wish to die. However, if you play the level “Death Wish” in any way other than going in guns blazing and fists swinging, you’re doing it wrong. This may very well be one of the best tracks in gaming, and it solidifies the opinion that Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2 have some of the best video game OSTs ever.

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