A FromSoftware game means that death will ensue. However, Dark Souls 3 has some bosses that could be characterized as *gulp* easy.

Top 5 easiest bosses in Dark Souls 3

A FromSoftware game means that death will ensue. However, Dark Souls 3 has some bosses that could be characterized as *gulp* easy.

Dark Souls 3 can be an intimidating challenge to take on, as is the case with most of the games made by developers FromSoftware. Like Bloodborne and the Souls games that came before it, Dark Souls 3 has one challenging boss fight after another. However, for every tough boss there may just be an easy boss waiting around the corner to lift your spirits. It’s not likely, but there is a chance!


While certainly not the easiest game to play, Dark Souls 3 does have quite a few bosses that may look like a nightmare but fight like they’re daydreaming. I’m not saying they are the easiest…. actually, yes, that is what I’m saying. On that note, let’s get started!

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5. High Lord Wolnir

So, Wolnir definitely gets the award for coolest-looking boss in Dark Souls 3 for me. This guy is a huge Skeleton with awesome sense of fashion with his gold bracelets and king crown. While he may look awesome, the boss fight is totally lackluster. While it could be troublesome until you learn his weak spots, once you figure it out it’s pretty much a cakewalk.

Wolnir still looks great though and he has bling that would put an Egyptian pharaoh to shame. The way he just shrouds the room in darkness and then pops his big skull head out at you is very surreal. Nice try Wolnir, but you still are relatively a breeze.

4. Yhorm the Giant

For a Lord of Cinder, Yhorm sure was a pushover. You enter the arena to fight Yhorm and you realize that your weapon does nothing to him. You die your first try, because after hitting him 500 times he is only at half health. What could be the problem? Is it your build?

It would have been great to allow Yhorm to beat on gamers, but FromSoftware just had to drop in a little gift in the back of the arena -- the Storm Ruler weapon. After you realized that this weapon is needed to take Yhorm down in 5 hits, you also begin to realize that the developers just bailed you out of what should have been an epic boss battle.

3. Crystal Sage

The technique of some people when playing a Souls game is really surprising sometimes. Watching someone try to dodge the Crystals being emitted from the Crystal Sage is truly humorous. A lot of trouble will be saved if you just run up to the Sage and go to town with your weapon. After that, just keep chasing the real Sage down and boom -- boss fight over.

This fight was so easy that it was painful. It may have followed with the Abyss Watchers boss fight, so in retrospect at least you felt good about yourself before you were shredded to bits.

2. Deacons of the Deep

Good lord, if this isn’t the creepiest Sunday gathering at church. The Deacons of the Deep caused everybody who played Dark Souls 3 to stop and say ‘what the hell’. A large group of undead deacons walking around slow as possible and looking like they are going to bible you to death. There are two things that everybody needs to realize and those are that you should be targeting one specific deacon, and that you will eventually be timed in the fight. Once that becomes clear, you can clear out these pesky deacons.

While the fight is intimidating upon your entrance to the arena, it becomes clear fairly early on that there is no danger here. This could have been number one but…

1. Ancient Wyvern

Remember the Yhorm the Giant slide where I said FromSoftware sort of bailed you out? Welcome to bailout number 2! Ancient Wyvern is an awesome looking dragon that will just roast you in five seconds flat. He flies down and you are ready for battle.

You hit the foul flying beast, only to realize that you did nothing to him. Well, might as well run around the surrounding structure all the way to the top above the dragon and jump on its head. That’ll do the trick, a nice little drop attack with the sword.

Why did FromSoftware decide to make Wyvern a silly boss fight? Well, because the Nameless King was next. We all know how that fight unfolds.

The easy ends there

These 5 creampuffs make every other boss look quite challenging. To follow the Wyvern fight with the Nameless King is just cruel but it is FromSoftware after all.

Did you struggle at all with any of the aforementioned? Have a problem with my rankings? Let me know about it in the comments below and be sure to check out the top 5 hardest bosses in Dark Souls 3.

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