A Nintendo themed amusement park is coming in the near future, and these would be the top 5 attractions located in the park.

Top 5 Games to Look for in Nintendo’s Future Theme Park

A Nintendo themed amusement park is coming in the near future, and these would be the top 5 attractions located in the park.
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Nintendo is now teaming up with Universal Parks to create the ultimate theme park based on the glorious franchises that Nintendo created. The park will be focusing mainly on Nintendo's most popular franchises, such as Mario and Zelda. Knowing that, we can only imagine how spectacular the park will be.

Nintendo's games have awed millions, and most gamers have at least one of Nintendo's many games on their all-time top 10 list. Most gamers have grown up with Pokemon, and if it wasn't for Mario, I may not have ever gotten into gaming. With that said, I want to come up with some of the most iconic Nintendo settings to put into the park.

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Luigi's Mansion

Imagine a haunted house with a Luigi's Mansion theme to it. We go into the dark house, and everything is decorated like the game. As we move through it, we get to see the same creepy portraits and hear the evil laughs of King Boo. At the end, King Boo tries to capture us when we try to save Mario! Oh I can feel the nostalgia coming back!

It could be interactive too, as we get a flashlight for the darkest areas of the house, and we could get bonus points for using our bravery to find Mario's lost items that are scattered throughout the rooms. In fact, we could even use the same Gameboy that Luigi used to find out information about the ghosts, and to communicate with E. Gadd.

Super Mario Sunshine Roller Coaster

For the park's roller-coaster, we would have to go with the one in Super Mario Sunshine. The loops and the drops on that coaster was insane, and adding onto that, you had to take down a big mechanical version of Bowser. The coaster could have the same water fountains under it to give it that tropical feel, and the hot pink would make it one of the most colorful rides in the park.

Super Mario Sunshine is one of the most fun games I have ever played, and it gave me some of my fondest gaming memories as a child. Even though I'm not the biggest fan when it comes to roller-coasters, I would absolutely have to give this ride a try.

Splatoon Water Park

Splatoon-themed water park with all the colors and the same objectives as the game. A group of friends and family could go in, face off against one another, or even against others. This would create a great bonding experience, and you can't deny how fun this would be.

It would also be one of the most competitive games in the park, as teams come up with different strategies to overtake the opposition. The only problem with Splatoon is figuring out how to get all those colors off somebody's shirt after a few rounds.

Donkey Kong Obstacle Courses

There has to be a Donkey Kong-based obstacle course somewhere on the map. Not only is it one of Nintendo's first games, but just imagine the sight of a bunch of kids and adults jumping, running, and climbing to get to the princess. People everywhere would come and race off to achieve the fastest time. Also, the park could display the fastest times and use them as high scores for other competitors to beat.

I can see myself now, right as I'm about to reach the final ladder, I get blindsided by a nasty barrel. Well, I better start training so I can trash talk everyone else when I see my time on the leaderboard.

Mario Kart

The park wouldn't be complete without a sweet go-cart track, and Mario Kart would be the perfect theme for it. Seriously, nothing would make a better fit. A few of the most iconic Mario Kart tracks could be replicated and used for the theme park, while racers could choose from the different Mario-themed carts.

With the technology nowadays, we could even somehow get the power-ups to work along the way. Say there is a little screen on the cart that represents the random power-up you get after you pass a certain area of the map. Then if you get a blue-shell and you use it, the person's car in first place would stop immediately, and then their screen would notify them of getting blue-shell'd.

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