Top 5 Games Which Showcase Different Types Of Music

A few soundtracks that represents a library of genres for any person to enjoy.
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Music is cool. Games are cool. Together they form a beautiful harmony of emotions and enjoyment for the gamer. From the earliest bleeps originating from the NES days to the orchestra worthy soundtracks found on the likes Metal Gear Solid 4 and Uncharted 2, games have proven they can demonstrate quality tunes as well as gripping scores. Here are some videogames that showcase a certain genre of music, NOT the best individual soundtracks. Either way, these titles provide an excellent array of songs for any taste.

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Syndicate- Electronic dance music

I don't think I have ever been more physically pumped in a video game by music alone then when playing the underrated gem known as Syndicate. With a pretty fascinating premise to begin, what really immersed me even more into the fast paced, twitch shooter was how the music seemed to coincide with my gunplay to form a wonderful time. As the bass dropped, so did my enemies as I fought through numerous opposing agents with a frenetic soundtrack.

Mega Man X- Awesome 90's music

Very specific title, I can see that, however it cannot be denied that with all the tremendous game soundtracks that piled up high throughout the '90s on great systems like the SNES, there was sure some great tunes that emerged with style.

Mega Man X is a prime example, hosting everything that was radical about these retro songs, ranging from upbeat, catchy jingles, to explosive toned musical orchestras when a boss battle was commencing. This iteration of the Megaman franchise is an exceptional side scroller with an even more stellar soundtrack that represents a great genre of music from a great time period of games.

Super Smash Bros Melee- Symphonic music

A popular title for many gamers I'm sure, Super Smash Bros Melee was the first time I actually paid attention and even stood in awe of musical scores. I have never been a fan of the orchestral sound, but the category felt right at home for this game and even got me to appreciate the other genres outside of my small musical bubble. That intro is so impactful, to this day I still get a little teared up at the thought of playing this game with my friends whenever the song graces my ears. 

Metal Gear Solid-  Invigorating music

Metal Gear Solid benefits from its superb sense of musical attributes as it does its stealth elements. The key to creating this harrowing, engrossing game is timing, and that's exactly what this score succeeds very highly at. The soundtrack constantly switches gears from light and discreet when traversing through segments, to riveting and electrifying when things start to heat up. The music in this game brilliantly blends tone and strength to become part of you as you go through the story.

Shadow of the Colossus- Tragic, haunting music.

The adjectives I described Shadow of the Colossus's music might have seemed negative, however that is the polar opposite of what the actual point of the game's music conveys. So perplexing and deep, the soundtrack will literally make you experience a ballad of emotions as you play through this gorgeous tragedy. The music perfectly illustrates the heavy atmosphere of the game, and compliments it without ever breaking the incredible adventure. The score of this masterpiece really goes to show the level of audacity that are put into the creation of soundtracks for videogames, and it sure has propelled them into the league of extraordinary composers and true classics.

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