Top 5 PlayStation RPGs That Deserve a Sequel

We've lost many great PlayStation RPG franchises over the years...which ones deserve to be reborn?
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If a long-running JRPG is to make its triumphant return, I want it to be SuikodenFinal Fantasy has gone off the rails, and I've always said that Konami's awesome RPG franchise ranks second on the all-time list.

The original was one of the first great RPGs for the PlayStation, and many excellent entries were to follow. Thing is, unlike LoD, there were multiple top-tier installments (with the exception of Suikoden IV) and all deserved high praise. Suikoden V was the last great game and since then, I've desperately wanted a true Suikoden VI on consoles.

I'm not talking about handhelds, by the way. Sadly, franchises like these may only have portables as a viable option.

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I know many who would put Legend of Dragoon at the top of the list, but I have my reasons for the #1 selection.

As for LoD, I always find it odd that it didn't receive high review scores or widespread critical acclaim. It has become the darling of many old-school RPG fanatics and yet, it hardly scored off the charts. Nevertheless, there's a reason why it has become legendary: It was one of the first super big-budget RPGs that rewarded the core followers of the genre. Remember those four discs? It was marvelously epic.

Okay, there's a caveat to this selection: The sequel would have to be like the original title. I'd want it to be a true action/RPG, not the action/survival/horror format that we've seen since. Parasite Eve II was basically just an action game; I want a return to that original format, which was just splendid. Aya Brea remains one of the most intriguing protagonists in game history, but she needs a solid script.

And I need an RPG.

Ah, Legaia. There were two fantastic entries, one on the original PlayStation and one (Duel Saga) on the PS2. Both were long, involved, well-constructed, and tons of fun. Featuring a turn-based mechanic with fighting-style maneuvers and special combos called Arts, these were epic adventures. Not being a big fan of fighters because I could never get the combos right, I loved that I could take my time and construct my combo for each turn.

Of course, if they did it again, I'm sure it wouldn't be turn-based. :(

The original Wild ARMs is still one of the best RPGs of all time, I say.  The second didn't get the credit it deserved and neither did the third entry (on PS2). However, admittedly, the series did sort of go downhill from there, and I've always wanted to see a new installment that returns to the game's traditional role-playing roots.

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