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Top 5 Scariest Minecraft Seeds That Will Terrify You

Here are the scariest Minecraft Seeds!

It’s spooky season so you might be looking for some new Minecraft worlds to fit the vibe. These seeds are both scary and dangerous so enter them at your own risk. These are the top 5 scariest Minecraft Seeds that will terrify you!

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Top 5 Scariest Minecraft Seeds That Will Terrify You

Abandoned Cliffside

Seed: 154840049486770795

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Are you scared of heights? Or being stuck on a deserted island with nothing else in sight? This Minecraft seed will definitely scare you! The only thing in sight is another small island with huge cliffside as well. On top of that, there’s lava spewing out the side of the cliff, adding to the danger of this map.

Witch’s Swamp

Seed: 57000088

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What’s creepier than being stuck in a swamp with a witch? This seed drops you in the middle of a swamp with a witch’s hut as the only building near you. You’ll know you’re near the dangerous witch when you see their black cat roaming around.

Abandoned Nether Village

Seed: 769587531

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This seed is filled with multiple abandoned villages close to each other. However, one of them has a Nether Portal at the bottom of the hill. The Nether is pouring out and taking over the land that the village sits on.

Nether Portal Lake

Seed: 7826199

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Close to the spawn point of this seed, you’ll find a lake with a Nether Portal right in the middle of it. If that wasn’t scary enough, right behind it is a Pillager Outpost. This only adds to the danger you’ll be in. Be wary of making your way to the portal or else the Pillagers will attack you!

Lava Lake Nether Portal

Seed:  -3111440461282444761

Screenshot by GameSkinny

The scariest Minecraft seed on this list is the Lava Lake Nether Portal. This seed spawns you right at the edge of a cliff with a huge lava lake beneath you. If that doesn’t scare you, there’s a Nether Portal right in the middle of it. This world is scary and dangerous for you thrill seekers.

Those are the top 5 scariest Minecraft Seeds that will terrify you! They are as scary as they are dangerous — so be careful. Looking for more Minecraft fun? Check out our guides hub.

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