Top 5 Things I Want to Do in Virtual Reality

These five things represent the whole of virtual gaming for me, and I can't wait to do them.

These five things represent the whole of virtual gaming for me, and I can't wait to do them.

Virtual reality is the only frontier in the wide world of gaming that I haven’t been privileged enough to explore just yet. A lack of funding has kept me from attaining the proper equipment, though the fact that VR is still in its relative infancy has been a major factor in my video game career, but the future is bright. There’s an entire world of potential for VR gaming, and here are five things I hope to be able to experience, from the frivolous to the important.

1. Become impossibly engaged in an MMORPG, Sword Art Online style

I dabble within MMORPGs as it is, but the immersion factor is lost within the mouse and keyboard disconnect. Imagine being able to walk around and explore a digital world while still performing the integral movements needed of you within the game. Grinding would take on a special meaning if you needed to put in the same amount of physical labor in some way. Imagine the infinitely more intimate connections we’d be privy to. What of the relationships that could subsequently be forged with an interface in which you could see, “touch,” and “feel” your party members all around you? Not only would it bolster the feeling of camaraderie between guildmates, but it could make raiding a much more emotional or traumatic event, just like it is in our favorite anime and television series where virtual reality has evolved in such a manner.

2. Step into the role of my favorite superhero or supervillain

Too often, we’re forced in games to watch as Batman clocks his enemies with his powerful fists or Superman zips through the air with the greatest of ease. I want the chance to be my favorite hero. I want to see what they see and feel what they feel. I want to look down on the city below me and feel the wind in my hair as I make my way to a citizen in need, or the thrill of swinging from building to building as Spidey. There’s something to be said about being allowed to exist as your favorite hero, and rather than being allowed to have my own “powers” or narrative, I want to be the real thing — or at least be given the option. 

3. Get intimate

It shouldn’t be taboo to explore this frontier in the realm of gaming, and yet the very idea is treated as though it’s either nigh-impossible or disgusting. And what of the practical uses? What of the unfortunate individuals who are bedbound and will never experience true love? Allowing for virtual relationships, the illusion of physical affection, or simply rudimentary dating sims that use the VR landscape would be a massive step forward when it comes to the practical application of video games for those with disabilities or social problems that prevent them from experiencing or furthering real-world relationships. And beyond its humanitarian uses, the idea of courting a partner via VR has its own value as a novelty — so why not?

4. Tour the world 

I’ve always wanted to go to Japan, or Europe. The problem is, I just don’t have the time or the money. I also despise long plane rides. What if I could somehow utilize the power of virtual reality to take a tour through some of the biggest tourist destinations I’ve wanted to visit all my life? You could, in theory, attach a robot to a VR camera or even recreate the area via 3D rendering and offer a series of destinations that players could visit, earn currency in, and spend their virtual lives within. Just imagine being able to check out some of the most exotic destinations you’ve only dreamt of and being able to see every nook and cranny without ever leaving your home. Of course, it’ll never be a complete substitute for the real thing, but it would be a massive step forward. 

5. Be a rock star

This seems to be a dream that’s been taken away from me in the current gaming landscape, what with the disappearance of new Rock Band or Guitar Hero titles from the fold and a renewed focus on dancing instead. What about learning to play a virtual instrument or living the “rock star” life? Jumping into a crowd and surfing around, smashing a guitar on stage, heading to award shows — the works. Just imagine the possibilities. You too could live life up as a star, without the sleepless nights, or the hangovers. 

What kinds of things would you want to accomplish in virtual reality, and why? 

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