Top Fan-Made Cards Against Humanity Creations

Tired of your regular Cards Against Humanity Deck? We round up the best fan-made creations to add to your deck!

Cards Against Humanity is a delightfully naughty game, which I frequently describe to people as "NC-17 Apples to Apples." Guaranteed to bring out the best possible kind of terrible among you and your friends, it will also make for several amusing Instagram uploads. 

The only problem with the game is when you play it too much. Batman's guilty pleasure, vehicular manslaughter, and Oprah crying into a Lean Cuisine have lost their lustre, and you need new terrible cards to add to your deck. Have no fear, there are plenty of fan-made Cards Against Humanities add-ons, and I'm here to share the best. 

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The Doctor Who Cards Against Humanity pack is a great add-on to your regular Cards Against Humanity pack. In addition to the cards pictured above, some of my favorite cards from this deck include: "Plot holes so wide, you could drive a truck through them" and "fondling a Dalek's slippery bits."

If there's a Doctor Who fan in your life that's been living without these cards, make their day by downloading the pack here or sharing the imgur gallery to their Facebook. Then, prepare for showers of fan-love. 

If Doctor Who specifically isn't your thing, there's always the less specific (but still totally awesome) Fandoms Against Humanity. Some other highlights from this deck include: "The How I Met Your Mother Season Finale," "Steam's Summer Sales" and "Calm Your Tits." 

In addition, there are several new black cards added in this deck, including my favorite "They're Taking _________ to Isengard." Whoever wins that card must then sing the song. You know the one I'm talking about

Fans and nerds rule the internet, so it shouldn't be a surprise that Nerds Against Humanity is another great CAH expansion. This set is a bit classier, and by classier, I mean you don't have to print the cards out and cut them up yourself. 

Laura Neilsen offers a 234 card expansion pack for $21.54 a sect (the cards look/feel like regular CAH). Or, you can download them for free.  I'm definitely a "free" person. 

I saved the best for last. Ladies Against Humanity is the perfect combination of humor and activism; created by Kate Stayman-London when she realized:

Cards Against Humanity is awesome. Know what’s less awesome? A lack of ladies and lady-centric jokes in the comedy world, CAH included."

So she took to Tumblr and began creating her own cards. The Tumblr has been a huge success, featured in Bitch Magazine and The Huffington Post. The cards aren't currently available for download, but you can check out Rachel Rayner's similar (and equally hilarious) Feminists Against Humanity deck, which is available for download. 

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