Top five gaming t-shirts of the week

Top five awesome gaming tees.

T-shirts, like gaming, are a great forms of art. They allow us to express ourselves. They show our interests, our moods, our beliefs, and even our mild insanity. Just kidding...Or am I? 

Anyway, t-shirts are great. I know there are many awesome gaming tees out there, but I've narrowed them down to just five tees (for now). These five caught my eye because of their creativity and ability to mash together series and art styles. So without further ado, here's my top five gaming t-shirts.

Key to the Galaxy 

Price: $15.00 (On Sale) 

First up on this list is a great design from my favorite t-shirt site, TeeTurtle. This awesome design mashes up Star Wars and Kingdom Hearts for a cute and awesome design. Let's hope we get to see this team up in Kingdom Hearts III.

A New Saga Begins  

Price: $15.00 (On Sale) 

Next on our list is another great mashup from TeeTurtle. This tee combines Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z. Lucario is donning the iconic orange gi while Riolu is geared up in Gohan's student gi. Notice that the four star Dragonball is replaced with a Pokeball. 

King Koopa

Price: $24.00 

The third mashup tee on our list, from Busted Tees, combines our two favorite kings, Burger King and King Koopa. Who wouldn't want to go to the Mushroom Kingdom and eat here? Get a Koopa Whopper and Fries with a side of kidnapping entertainment. 

Busted Ghost

Price: $20.00

Our fourth tee comes also from Busted Tees. This one is a Ghost Buster and Pac-man mashup. Is Pac-man actually a Ghost Buster? Probably not. But still a cool tee. 

Bear and Bird 

Price: $24.00 

The last tee on our list is from This is a Banjo-Kazooie tee, done is an Cartoon Network art style. To be honest, I wouldn't mind seeing a Banjo-Kazooie cartoon. 

Well that's all the tees for now, stay tuned for next week's roundup of awesome gaming tees. Have a tee you saw this week that caught your eye? Post a link in the comments below!