Top Pokemon Recreations in Minecraft

You don't have to play Minecraft to enjoy the great Pokemon Pixel Art that comes out of it. Jump on in to see some of the best Pokemon recreations!

You don't have to play Minecraft to enjoy the great Pokemon Pixel Art that comes out of it. Jump on in to see some of the best Pokemon recreations!
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I'll be showing you amazing pixelated Pokemon any minute now, but first I wanted to showcase this fascinating Minecraft mod, PixelmonThis amazing mod allows you to catch Pokemon while playing Minecraft. If that doesn't sound amazing to you, consider how vast the world of Minecraft is. Consider also, that with this mod you can play Pokemon in first person. 

The best thing about the mod is that you can control the spawns of the Pokemon - meaning that you never have to spend 3 hours looking for a Feebas ever again... as soon as the devs add Feebas to the game. You can find a list of available Pokemon for this mod here, and the team appears to be adding new Pokemon on a regular basis. 

Am I slightly biased towards anything that allows me to play Pokemon in new settings? Absolutely! This mod combines two of my favorite franchises, and I can't get enough. 

Plenty of people have re-created Pokemon in Minecraft, but Youtube user Mediocre Jake creates entire continents from Pokemon. His most recent recreation was the entire continent of Johto, which is featured in the second generation games Pokemon Gold and Siler, and their remakes Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

The creation took MediocreJake around 210 hours to plan and create, which is nearly nine entire days. NINE ENTIRE DAYS. I just feel so.... mediocre myself now. Well done sir, hope your Hoenn recreation comes out before Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire comes out. 

Recreating entire continents is no biggie compared to Reddit user QueenMercury recreating every single one of the original 151 Pokemon. Every. Single. One. 

While recreating Pokemon in Minecraft can easily be done with a script like SpriteCraft(given the pixelated nature of Pokemon sprites) QueenMercury created each of these images only using the Minecraft creator mode. 

For anyone wondering, the hardest Pokemon to recreate this way according to QueenMercury was Articuno, Gyrados, or Butterfree while Ditto (of course) was the easiest. 

It took QueenMercury anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours to create her 2D Pokemon, so imagine how long it took YouTube team The Block Bending 5 to create three dimensional Pokemon. 

It's true, the 3D versions don't look quite as classic as the 2D models, but man, I really enjoyed that 3D Zapdos...and Arcanine....and Lucario. So I basically loved all of them. 

This scene titled "Not Very Effective" by deviantART user Hinagoth-chan makes the list because of the unique sense of humor added to the milieu. Hinagoth-chan wasn't satisfied with just recreating Charmander and Bulbasaur in Minecraft, he had to go one step further and pit them against each other in combat. 

Clearly, it's not quite working out for poor Bulbasuar, who's at a dreadful type advantage against Charmander's fire-type. I might have colored Bulbasuar in lighter colors, but it makes the list because it made me chuckle. 

The previous picture was cute in its humorous attempt, but this complete recreation of a screen from Pokemon Red or Blue really takes the cake... for those of us old enough to remember the initial release of the first Pokemon games. 

Thought I never unlocked Mew when I played Pokemon as a child, this image sums up all the hopes and dreams of 10-year-old me. I probably would have sold my brother into slavery if it meant adding Mew to my Pokedex. Just don't tell that to my brother. 

I really enjoy the people who think a bit outside the box with their Pokemon recreations, and Youtube user joaoguerreiro makes the list by re-creating a location that won't be found within Pokemon games. 

Instead, joaoguerreiro has re-created the Pokemon Stadium  2 from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. While I prefer the level in Super Smash Bros. Melee where an Electrode might pop out and kill an enemy for you, I don't think it would be quite as majestic looking as this. 

With Pokemon Alpha Sapphire coming out soon, it just wouldn't be right now to include the image of the legendary Kyogre who plays a large part in Alpha Sapphire's narrative. 

I like this re-creation all the more for it's complete lack of continuity. There's Superman, Megaman, and Kyogre all within the same image. Who would win that fight? 


You can't have Kyogre without Groudon, although honestly if both Pokemon are awake and wandering around some cataclysmic event is going down. Youtube user Pangamma created both in 3D, going so far as to hollow out both structures for ease of use. 

 He's also shared his schematics here, so you too can go forth and create your own Groudon in Minecraft. I wouldn't though. After replaying Pokemon Sapphire recently, I'm totally afraid that Groudon might be behind our current global warming. 

It's easy to forgot how awe-inspiring legendary Pokemon are if you don't see them outside the video games very often. This recreation of Zekrom, a legendary from Pokemon Black and White look absolutely majestic as it flies below the blocky clouds, and truly reminds me just how little starter Pokemon are in comparison. 

But really, how does something that big fit into a Poke ball? 


Maybe legendary Pokemon like Zekrom could fit into Poke balls mroe easily if they were created as large as this Master Ball was. It looks like it's potentially big enough for house all the original 151...kinda like a Pokemon Ark. 


This last video from Youtube user MineCreat pays homage to Red, the original Pokemon trainer and Ash Ketchum's predecessor. While you play as Red in Pokemon Red and Blue, in the second generation games Pokemon Silver and Gold you had the opportunity to face Red in battle. 

If you complete the game, level your Pokemon up so they're all around level 80, and then wind your way through Mt. Silver, you'll find Red. He'll meet you with a Blastoise, Charizard, Espeon, Pikachu and Lapras. Just looking at this image makes me feel like I need to go EV train and level grind.