Top Ten Video Game Funny Videos – Part 1

The first five of our top 10 pick of the funniest video game parodies, old and new.

The first five of our top 10 pick of the funniest video game parodies, old and new.

No one likes Mondays. So why not start the week off with our pick of some of the giggliest video game parody videos around, both old and new.

10 – Bob Presents a Scathing Satire of Final Fantasy VII

British flash animator Jonti Picking, better known as Weebl, creator of Weebl & Bob, has been a staple of the internet comedy circuit from as long as anyone remembers. This wonderful little short, taking a loving headshot at Square Enix’s monumental RPG Final Fantasy VII, is surprising bang on the money.

9 – Metal Gear Awesome 

Viewer discretion: Strong language and poop jokes.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been fifteen years (no, seriously) since Metal Gear Solid. This oldie, but a goodie, lovingly lampoons and pokes fun at some of the less polished bits of this installment of the high-octane franchise. 

8 –  Minesweeper: The Movie

There hasn’t been a Microsoft Windows that hasn’t included this free little logic puzzle game as part of its package. Simple, addictive, and undoubtedly one of the most played games in the world, just why hasn’t it been made into a movie yet? 

7 – Red vs Blue

Viewer discretion: Strong Language

One of first people to really bring machinima to the fore,10 years ago, Rooster Teeth started making a comedy series using the in-game engine of Halo. The entire series has evolved with the franchise, and is always chock-full of astute and wry observations about the FPS genre. It’s difficult to pick an oustanding favourite from this fantastic series, but this opener to their third season is particularly funny in its less than flattering portrait of Halo gamers.

 6 – Final Fantasy VII Controversy

We’re back in Midgar for more laughs. Dorkly looks at the fact that there’s little consensus on how to pronounce nouns when it comes to this game. A good laugh, even though we’re still unmoved that “chocobo” should be pronounced like “chocolate”. If you’ve been playing the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn beta this weekend, you might want to check out this video about how some of the nouns in the game are pronounced, including “bahamut”.

Check back tomorrow for the rest of our countdown to chase away the blues of your Tuesday!

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