Travel Frog’s 12 Most Rare Picture Souvenirs

12 super-rare pictures you'd be lucky to receive in Travel Frog!

There are around 120 total pictures your friendly neighborhood frog can bring back home in Travel Frog. A large portion of these pictures are not entirely unique, but there are a handful of totally unique pictures your frog can bring back that are just as rare as they are adorable.

The requirements for rare pictures on Travel Frog are a mystery. After having tested several different combinations of food, amulets, and tools over the past few weeks I haven't been able to pinpoint any exact way to get these pictures -- for the time being, you should just be happy you get them at all!

Are you ready to see the absolute cutest pictures your frog can bring back home? Well, you've already seen one! The above image is one of the twelve rare pictures we're about to get an eyeful of. How can you resist taking a peek at your frog's adventures?

A family of ants traveling by river? Well, we may not see it but there's no saying a frog wouldn't.

This seems to be one of many events your frog bears witness to on his travels across Japan.

This one is a bit confusing at first, but it appears to be trying out a feather pen in a shop in this picture. With what looks to be prices written on the barrel of feathers and the fabric on the other side of the shop. Is your frog drawing his own maps on his travels? It's definitely possible.

You see the frog with the mouse on the left in a lot of pictures, which makes me think the frog and mouse are pretty good friends. They certainly do seem to travel together often!

The larger mouse seems like a little adventurer itself, but it may also be a cartographer. It seems to have quite a few supplies on-hand.

This is one of my favorites, easily! The lighter butterfly is selling flowers, with loads of ants lined up ready to buy.

Is that your frog and its mouse friend harvesting some acorns? Why yes, yes it is!

The mouse seems to have a certain penchant for nuts. It is a mouse, after all. This time it looks to be trying to get some walnuts from a squirrel-run market.

This is the third type of nut featured in Travel Frog. The others are acorns (as seen in a previous picture) and chestnuts, which your frog sometimes brings home as a souvenir. At least the mouse eats well!

This is probably one of the most obvious pictures in this set, and it is yet another one of my personal favorites. It seems even the most well-traveled frogs need a little help sometimes.

These have to be butterflies, right? Yeah, they have to be.

Just seems to be a day in the life for a butterfly!

Okay, this one is definitely my personal favorite. The frog seems to be waiting for a ride on the newt, who already has two passengers. Will he be able to fit along with the other two? I certainly like to imagine so.

I don't think anyone would expect a moth, butterfly, and frog to cooperate, but anything seems to be possible in Travel Frog. Who knows where the frog is headed to here, but it's got to be more relaxing than having to walk there.

Last but certainly not least is the frog once more seeking directions, this time from a group of toads.

This is one of only two rare pictures that feature the frog's crab friend, who seems to be more than a little outnumbered by amphibians here.

This wraps up the 12 ultra-rare pictures you can receive in Travel Frog. Hopefully more will be added in later updates, because these are just too cute not to have more of.