Treat yourself with these geeky finds on Threadless

These quirky prints/tees are perfect to add to your closet this summer!

Threadless is home to quirky designs submitted by indie artists. After shuffling through a few designs, I grabbed my top 5 favorite video game related tees to show you all! These tees are currently available for sale this summer, but can go out of print fairly quickly. Grab yourself one of these geek-inspired tees to flaunt this summer.

Or, if you're an artist and want the chance to make your work shine, check out Threadless and submit your designs!

Find a design you like, but it's out of stock? Request a reprint and hope that the Threadless comes in clutch. 

Now grab your wallets, folks. I have some sweet finds coming your way.

Dead Sucker

Design by Kristy Anne Ligones

Showcase your love for little sisters and teddy bears with this bad-ass BioShock tee. Available in both men's and women's styles at $14, this can be your go-to summer tee to wear all season. It's also available as a phone case at $19.95. Check this design out here!

Not a Pipe

Design by Alex Solis

Oh no, Mario, wrong pipe! This quirky little take on Mario traveling through pipes is a must-have this summer. With its retro art vibe and earthy tones, this print pays homage to old school gamers. It's available in many different forms! You can wear this print as a tee, pullover hoodie, phone case, or even just a simple wall print. Prices for these products range from $14 to $54.95. Check out this design here to make this yours today.


Design by Alberto Arni

It's gamer culture meets street art. This mashup of two worlds recreates a famous Banksy art piece (Balloon Girl) showcasing the Hero of Time himself. The 8-bit heart balloon is what sold it for me. This print is available for men, women, kids in the form of tees and hoodies. It can also printed on a phone case or a wall art piece. Prices range from $14 to $54.95. Make this piece yours here.

The Protector

Design by dale

Yet another BioShock print that caught my eye. This print, featuring the harsh silhouette of Big Daddy, is a gem to add to your closet. The sunset hues don't feel like BioShock, but it does prove to be a nice contrast. Make this yours in the form of a tee, zip-up hoodie, pullover sweatshirt, phone case or wall art! The prices, as mentioned in previous slides is $14 - $54.95. Click here to check this piece out!

8-Bit Blues

Design by Jacques Maes

Featuring a very bluesy Mario piping at an old school Nintendo cartridge, this print is a steal. You can get this printed as a tee, phone case or wall print. The prices range from $6.95 - $21.95. Click here to explore more!

Know of any other must-have geeky prints on Threadless? Let us know in the comments below!