Twilight Princess: Snowpeak Ruins

The Snowpeak Ruins in Twilight Princess prove to be an obstacle course in need of ice skates.

The Snowpeak Ruins in Twilight Princess prove to be an obstacle course in need of ice skates.
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Recently, as my friend and I have been playing The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, we finally came across my favorite part – Snowpeak Ruins. This is such a unique part of the game where you come across two yetis, Yeto and Yeta. The reason I find this part so unique is because we’ve never encountered yetis in the Zelda games before, and they’re just so adorable.

Moving around Snowpeak Ruins

As you go around Snowpeak Ruins, you’ll discover soon that this rundown mansion is like a maze. Certain rooms lead to dead ends, while others have secrets to find. You’ll have to think on your feet as you refer with your map to find the location you’re looking for – which can get old fast.

As Yeta is bedridden, she’ll try to direct Link and Midna to the location of the Mirror Shard they’re looking for, but you end up finding soup ingredients instead of the Mirror. Although this makes for a dandy soup, you spend more time with these shenanigans than actually finding the Mirror Shard.

The running around kind of sucks, but you can experience the great atmosphere of Snowpeak Ruins, and enjoy the wonderful graphics that enhance the experience. Within Twilight Princess you don’t see any of the snow-covered areas except for Snowpeak, and it’s very well done.

Finding the Shard, and the evil Yeta

Coincidental as it is, the soup that you made with the found ingredients makes Yeta healthy again and she goes on the journey to show you the location of the Mirror Shard – which is in the yeti’s bedroom. Though the Mirror Shard was a precious gift from Yeto to Yeta, it’s whats causing her to become ill and eventually makes her evil, which turns her into your new boss, Blizzeta.

Blizzeta is a very easy boss, if you take your time. You’ll get to practice using the new ball and chain that Link gets, and save the adorable Yeta. With her first phase, you just have to hit a spinning piece of ice that she’s inside, until you release her.

On the second phase she drops giant ice pieces on the ground, trying to crush you. If you make Link simply run and roll, he’ll avoid all of them. After that the ice will float above and then drop back down around Link with Blizzeta right behind him. Roll out of this and use the ball and chain to hit Blizzeta.

Do this about three times (like in all Zelda games), and she becomes normal again, and the Shard is yours. After that, you get to see Yeto come save Yeta, and the adorable love of two yetis is displayed as they are reunited.

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