Two Best Friends Play Nominated for Notable Machinima or Video Series 2014 – Dragon Slayer Awards

The 2014 Dragon Slayer Awards voting period is underway, and an unlikely duo of "best friends" is included amongst a list of Machinima video makers.
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Guild Launch, GameSkinny’s sister site, is once again opening up the opportunity for gamers to vote in the annual Dragon Slayer Awards. These awards help recognize who provides the best content throughout the gaming community. Not only do the awards feature video games and community management, but gaming video personalities as well. Included in the nomination list for “Notable Machinima or Video Series” includes an unlikely Canadian duo who call themselves “best friends.”

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Patrick “Pat” Boivin and Matt are two gaming companions brought together from different backgrounds, but they make up the comical “Two Best Friends Play” series on Machinima. Their experience recording Let’s Play videos has existed across eight seasons since 2011, with 117 thousand followers on YouTube and close to 30 of their videos with over one million hits.

While they feed off of each other’s playful jabs and verbalized thoughts, they are a duo that almost did not happen. Still, they continue to showcase how their separate personalities unite with equal interests in video games.

Matt was looking to record a Kirby’s Epic Yarn Let’s Play video with Woolie Madden, and instead, was recommended to film with Pat. The two bonded after the video was completed, but Pat still eventually admitted to thinking Matt was “a weirdo” upon meeting him for the first time.

These ridiculing remarks are a part of “Angry” Pat’s personality, as he is cynical and pessimistic. While he is constantly fault-finding, he still falls for Matt’s playful antics. When Pat is more negative, Matt brings out his optimistic and silly nature, which naturally promotes an elongated but interesting dialogue as they play video games. Even though Matt seems like the easier going person compared to Pat, he subtlety provides knowledgeable critiques created from his previous experience being a quality assurance video game tester for games such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

What is most attractive about the commentary they create from Let’s Play videos is the delicate mix of fun facts, jokes, emotions, playful jabs, and live analysis. Their ideas constantly build on top of each other’s; they never let their material settle until they have traded it back and fourth. This constant game of verbal catch shows how engaged and synchronized they are in trying to either agree or disagree. They are not afraid to laugh at or verbally knock just how different they are when talking to each other or playing video games.

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