Valve Announces SteamOS, Steam Box, and Steam Controller – Ep #16 The Final

This week we talk Steam: SteamOS, Steam Box, the Steam Controller, and speculate on what we have to look forward to.
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This week, Valve revealed a long-awaited 3-part announcement that introduced huge upcoming innovations which will reshape Steam as we know it. In our last week, Lui, Stephanie, and Ryan discuss what these exciting new features are and what they mean for gamers.

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Unfortunately for us, Valve has dropped these huge bombs on us, and yet only given us enough info to tantalize. This is what we know so far.


The first and probably the most important announcement is Valve’s decision to create its own Linux-based operating system to conquer the living room. The OS running on its new Box is Valve’s challenge to the future generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles which are gunning for a place as all-in-one media entertainment centers. It promises innovation for not only consumers, but also for hardware and software developers.

Steam Box

The second and most long-expected announcement is one that has everyone in the industry’s ears perking up. While Valve gave us only tidbits along with the confirmation, the buzz of speculation that has sprung up since then has been immense as to what kind of hardware will actually be released. 

The company has stated that there will be different models (made from different manufacturers, this side of business is not being taken care of in-house) with different price points which are meant to appeal to the varying needs of the gamer community. Actual hardware specs are due to come up sometime next week.

By the end of the year, Valve will release 300 prototypes into the wilds of the gaming community to allow us to get a better understanding of what we want from this brand new Box, and also what we have to look forward to in 2014.

Steam Controller

The last, and probably the most interesting announcement is that of the new Steam Controller. Just take a look at this bad boy:

The new design appears to be a blend between a traditional console controller and the mouse/keyboard combo that so many PC players are used to. It boasts twin trackpads instead of thumbsticks, programmable buttons, and a touchscreen. It’s incredible, it’s wonky, and it’s so crazy it just might blow us all away.

But now some sad news.

Parting is such sweet sorrow…

Alas, it appears the Roundtable’s time has come to an end. It has been an awesome roller coaster of a journey which has included many amazing people in-industry and out! We want to thank everyone who has watched and listened to us, and taken part in all of our wacky adventures. 

Many of us still contribute to GameSkinny daily, so keep up with us if you like what we’ve been doing.

And if you find yourselves missing us… well! I’m sure you’ll find us talking up a storm somewhere on the internet sooner or later. We’ll still keep an eye on our usual social media outlets, so feel free to keep tabs on us on either Facebook or Twitter

Thank you, everyone!

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