Video Game Characters as Meat Sculptures

Tumblr Epic Grinds Creates Video Game Characters from Ground Meat

Tumblr blog Epic Grinds creates meat characters out of... meat. Check out the Tumblr here to see all of his/her creations. Their Tumblr doesn't list much about the people who create these things but they're pretty awesome to look at. Here, Link is in combat as Ganondorf waits to be hit.

Phallic DBZ (You all see it too right?).

Sonic and Tails. Tails tails look pretty phallic as well. Meat jokes abound!

Mega Man and Cut Man!

Possibly fainted Pikachu and a Pokemon Stadium

Bulbasaur with asparagus vines

Meowth and some Pokeballs!

Samus. Being Bad Ass.

Olimar and his Pikmin. (small picture for small characters)

The Tumblr has other meat sculpture besides video game characters. Here's a minion from Despicable Me and the ship from Star Trek

This is horrifying.

Naruto. I know nothing of Naruto but I think this looks cool. I originally thought it was Jak from Jak and Daxter.