Vordexus the Revealed (Style #3 of 3)

Vigilant he soars like lightning through the Mists.

Vigilant he soars like lightning through the Mists.
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Meet Vordexus Di Caprici, a man usually hid under a mask. However, this does not apply when in the Mists, where worlds collide and his enemies may know their vanquisher. Inspired by the sheer survivalism of the people of Ebonhawke, this elementalist uses his arcane lightning and mastery of wind sweep him forward in a devastating dive toward his foes.

On mighty wings, he swiftly brings an end to his enemies.

Vigilant he stands against those who would seek to plunder the treasures of his home.


Let all who would stand against his world fade into the Mists.

Outfit and Colors (Left to Right, Up and Down):

  • Head – Wraith Masque
  • Shoulders – Firebeak Mantle (Midnight Ice, Antique Gold)
  • Chest – Embroidered Coat (Abyss, Antique Gold, Midnight Ice)
  • Hands – Winged Gloves (Midnight Fire, Antique Gold)
  • Legs – Acolyte Pants (Midnight Ice, Antique Gold, Black)
  • Feet – Feathered Boots (Abyss, Antique Gold, Gold)
  • Back – Holographic Shattered Dragon Wings


  • Ebon Vanguard Staff

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