Wayfarer’s Reflection – GW2 Fashion Contest

Growing up in the hills of Grawlenfjord, Ursa Karhu (or Hildur, her original, much hated name) was blessed with an intense appreciation for the beauty of nature. Her father, a Norn brewer, set up a small brewery in Grawlenfjord due to its close proximity to both Hoelbrak and the Black Citadel. Her mother was a famous painter who was known for her breathtaking painting of Grawlenfjord, which was bought by Knut Whitebear himself and placed on the walls of the Great Lodge.

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When Hildur was barely eight, the Sons of Svanir raided the brewery with the aim of pillaging some ale for their nearby camp. Upon finding only a small amount of ale, the enraged Svanir set fire to the brewery, kidnapped the mother, and tied up the father and child, leaving them to die in the pyre. Hildur managed to wiggle her way out of the ropes, and managed to drag her beaten and unconscious father to safety. Worried for her mother, she haphazardly set out into a blizzard to find her, only to pass out due to exhaustion. She awoke in the care of the Kodan, who had found both her and her father and brought them to the safety of one of their great ships.

The Kodan nursed both father and child back to health and in the meantime searched for the missing mother. Unfortunately, they found her dead body in the remains of an abandoned Svanir camp. With heavy hearts, the kodan relayed the terrible news to Hildur and her father, and could only watch as Hildur struggled to hold back her tears. Seeing the child’s attempt, the Elder stepped forward and explained to Hildur that Kodan are not born with names, rather, they earn them. For her strength and bravery, the elder explained, Hildur would forever be known as “Ursa”, the ancient Kodan word for both Bravery and Bear.

Years passed, and Ursa and her father forged a good relationship with the Kodan, who even helped them rebuild the Brewery. In return for some fine ale (which the kodan took a liking to) they promised to train Ursa in the ways of being a guardian, so that she could forever protect the things she loved.


  • Stag Spauders
  • Stag Mail
  • Stag Gauntlets
  • Stag Chausses
  • Paws of Koda

Armor Details

Ursa wears a the armor of the Stag, a native to her homeland of Grawlenfjord. Her boots, however, are a gift from the Kodan, the Paws of Koda. The highlight of the set is the variety of dyes, which she wears to honor her late mother. They are colors taken straight from her painting of Grawlenfjord, and represent the blending of the light blues of the sky and ice, the lush greens of the valley, and the dark blues of the deep river. The ensemble is tied together with earthen browns to bring a natural flavor to the entire set.


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