Weekly Weekend Round-Up: Feb. 20th – Feb 22nd

Games that could take up some time this weekend.

Another big release has been launched this week so there is a chance that a lot of PS4 gamers have their attention focused on that. However, not all of us are fans of or own a PS4 so may need other ways to fill this weekend up. Below is a small list of games that may take up some time this coming weekend.

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The Order 1886

There has been more and more information available about The Order 1886 as it approached its lauch this week. The game has been rumored to be only a five hour game which is less than impressive. I have had my eye on this title until I read that small fact. However, the game looks impressive and gauging by only speculation; it is more than likely to have a very high replay factor.

The Escapists

The Escapists was launched last week on X1 and PC. This game seems to be an impressive puzzler that could take up a decent amount of time. The indie style of gameplay has a very attractive tone to it that will instantly give any older gamer an instant nostalgia feeling while looking at the graphics. 

Hand of Fate

Hand of Fate is a PSN game that was made available on the PSN this week. This is a downloadable card game seems more than addicting. Although the game seems simplistic at first glance it is very random and a very high depth level. The game does not give the player the same outcome on cards every time. Players can assume they are playing safe by choosing an option that worked well one game and have the results not be so beneficial the second time. Hand of Fate seems that it could be quite fun if you are looking for an easy game to learn and spend time with while you master.

I have been on the fence with The Order 1886 and this game would take up my weekend if I allowed it, but I have to work on other games for a small time. What games will you be playing this weekend? Comment below.

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