Weekly Weekend Round-Up: Jan 2nd-4th

Games and DLC to pass the time away through the weekend.

With the first weekend of the new year upon us we have seen little to no new launches. However as gamers we still will be playing and this leads us to some items that may take up our time. As the past this weekend seems to be filled with games that have been on sale recently or ones that players may have picked up  over the holiday season.

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Dead Rising 3 DLC

Dead Rising 3 was a launch title for the Xbox One and is by far one of my favorites to date. As part of the New Year Countdown Microsoft had put the DLC for Dead Rising 3 on sale at a deep discount. If I had to guess there are plenty of players that had some online credit and utilized the sale to their advantage.

Madden 15

Video game fans and sports fans have an awesome opportunity to snag the latest Madden installment at a good price. Target was hosting a $45 price on Madden 15 this week. This price point made it a no brainer for those that were waiting to save a couple bucks.

The Evil Within

The Evil Within was a fantastic play through. Alas, another sale to make this one hit the weekend round-up. Best Buy has The Evil Within for $40 on next gen consoles. This game has scares, great gameplay, and great environments. The NG+ seems to have a lot of great replay value.

These games and DLC listed above seem to be a great way to fill the weekend. I have not yet made my mind up on what games will fill my weekend. What will take your weekend away from you? Comment below.

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