We’ve Reached “Level 3” of Video Games Live

Video Games Live's Kickstarter for their third album was a huge success!

Well, it’s official, guys! Video Games Live’s Kickstarter for their third album, “Level 3”, has been funded. To celebrate this momentous achievement, Tommy Tallarico streamed live on Twitch as the finish line was crossed. Even if the quality of the video wasn’t all that great, the stream was incredibly emotional. The goal is met about 10 minutes into the video, and his reaction is definitely worth watching. The pure excitement, wonder, and gratefulness that he expressed were amazing. During the stream, Tommy announced that the Video Games Live’s live shows will now feature music from Cave Story.

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He also updated the Kickstarter page today and had some nice things to say:

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a bit emotional yesterday when we finally achieved our goal.  It’s been such a honor for me over the past decade to help give video game music and the entire video game industry the artistic recognition it deserves.  Many people told me it was going to be impossible to do a campaign of this magnitude.  Many people said it couldn’t be done and we weren’t going to make it.  But we all got together and made it happen!

According to the update, most of the digital rewards (aside from the actual “Level 3” album and Austin Wintory’s Journey piano album) should be received in late November to early December. So we should all have some awesome gaming music over the winter holidays and to help us ring in the new year!

There’s still the possibility of hitting at least the first stretch goal, though. If the $300,000 mark is met, the CD will be getting an insane makeover by “a world famous pop culture artist.” There are 17 hours left to go, and $263,464 has already been raised. If you want to get some of those incentives (and hopefully reach the first stretch goal), now is the time to donate!

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