What Does Sony Really Need to Present at E3 2014?

With a new console on the market, Sony really needs to have a fantastic E3 presentation.

With a new console on the market, Sony really needs to have a fantastic E3 presentation.

Everyone is wondering: What will Sony show off during their E3 presentation this year?

Well, there are a few theories out there. Sony hasn’t confirmed anything just yet, although they did just say there’d be a “decent mix” of various genres, and hotly anticipated titles like Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III are possibilities.

Perhaps it’s most important for Sony to remind everyone of one very important fact, a fact on which the brand has subsisted for nearly two decades: PlayStation is always about the games.

Project Morpheus is too new and unproven, Move is done, PlayStation Now is boring/controversial…

I have a bad feeling that Sony might spend too much time focusing on new tech, programs and services, as opposed to games. Remember when they spent a ridiculous amount of time on the PlayStation Move? Ultimately, that proved to be fruitless; I’m not even sure if developers are making games exclusively for Move, anymore. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it phased out in a few years.

As for Sony’s new virtual reality tech, dubbed “Project Morpheus,” it’s a cool idea and everything, but how much is there to say? Even if you had a demo, don’t spend 20 minutes talking about it on stage at E3. It’s still a ways off and even if it isn’t, it’ll be too expensive for a large portion of the gaming community. In other words, right now, it’s just not high on a PlayStation fan’s priority list.

PlayStation Now should be a fine service but I think gamers are a little sick of more subscriptions and programs and such.

The PS4 is out and doing well, the Vita is not…either way, focus on the GAMES for both

Two things we desperately need from Sony during their E3 presentation: Exclusive software announcements for the PS4 and Vita. If the latter has any hope of surviving, it needs AAA titles that are only available on that unit; having a bunch of good games that are also playable on PS3 doesn’t cut it. As for the PS4, you gotta come with the heavy-hitting exclusives to keep people excited. Uncharted 4, maybe Quantic Dream’s new project (remember that awesome Dark Sorcerer presentation last year?), and how about a new God of War?

If you hadn’t noticed, whenever a company puts a heavy emphasis on games during their E3 speech, it’s widely viewed as a success. Why? Because despite it all, despite all the services and subscriptions and features and gadgets and accessories – ‘takes a breath’ – this industry has been, and will continue to be, all about the games.

Let’s hope Sony does the right thing.

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