What Does Windows 10 do for Gamers?

With Windows 10 recently been shown off in full. What do us gamers get?

Windows 10 has recently been shown off in full by Microsoft, but how does it actually help gamers?

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Xbox One to PC streaming

Recently unveiled Microsoft 10 is going to allow streaming from the Xbox One, to your PC. But does this help us gamers? And the answer is a simple no, it does not help a lot. It is a nice feature, which I am sure a handful will use, but all it really allows is the use of a monitor when the TV is not free.

DirectX 12

This is the big one, this competes directly with AMD’s Mantle API. The basics are that it allows developers to fine tune exactly where the number crunching of data is happening. Is it only in the CPU? Or maybe the GPU needs to handle this stuff? What this does is open up new opportunities for developers to allow the best piece of hardware to processes the correct things. Under DirectX 11 often a CPU will process some texture data, which can create issues like frame rate drops or sometimes stability. DX12 is excising for PC gamers, and all AMD cards with the current GCN architecture, and Nvidia cards with Kepler, Maxwell, and a few others will support DX12. This generally means that if you have a card which is less than 2 years old the likely hood is that you will be able to support DX12.

Oh look a Start Menu, with an easy to find off button, in Windows 10… you had one job Windows 8, and you blew it!

Windows 10 has got it going on!

With the addition of all Windows 7 and 8 users getting a free upgrade in the first year. Windows 10 does look like it will bring Microsoft back to focus on the PC more, but is it enough to make the upgrade from Windows 7?

I would hold off on any upgrades for the first 6 months, so there is time to iron out any launch bugs, but the future looks good for Windows 10.

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