What is Capcom doing with Mega Man?

Capcom what are you doing?! Bring Mega Man back!!

Capcom what are you doing?! Bring Mega Man back!!

Do you remember the blue bomber? The guy who literally just goes around killing robots, shoot first ask questions later.  Do you remember when Capcom knew what they were doing with their games?  Yeah has not happened yet, but they did at least give some screen time to their greatest hope at being relevent: Mega Man or Rock Man in Japan.  Back in the 90s and early 2000s, Capcom was churning out Mega Man games left and right.  First, there were the regular Mega Man series than really defined the platformer genre on the NES and SNES along with Mario and Metroid.  Capcom knew that this little boy turned killer robot was special, and they made that clear by releasing about 10 games of just the regular series.  

Then came along Mega Man X, and wow these games were something else.  Still action platformers, they pushed the genre as far as it could possibly go.  It expanded on the older games and created a new story, once again revolving around the blue bomber, well a descendent of him anyways.  The series were dominated by Playstation for a number of years, this series spawned numerous sequels and spin offs.  The quality may have dipped a little, but all in all these games were really good!  

Capcom decided to take Mega Man to the handheld consoles, as the Game Boy Advance was totally crushing the market.  They release the Mega Man Battle Network series.  These games were different from the others, and not in a bad way.  Instead of the action platformer the older releases were, Capcom decided to devulge in the realm of the RPG.  The games were cross breeds between adventure RPGs and RTS RPGs, which should not have worked, but did.  If you are an RPG fan please check out these games, they are unique and will have you playing non stop for hours.  Hopefully you have gotten the point by now, Mega Man is Capcom’s golden egg, but they have recently neglected their hero.  

Nowadays, Capcom is no longer interested in producing good Mega Man games.  They are happy just pocketing money to buy the latest Resident Evil game or the new super mega ultra alpha Street Fighter beta ki  XXXIX.  Please bring Mega Man back, he is now in the spotlight in Smash 4 take advantage of it!  I will help write the game somebody give Capcom my contact info I will literally write a story for nothing I just want some more Mega Man games.  

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