What’s up with Wii U? (#TheSkinny: Week of Jan. 28th)

Wii U, EA, the next gen waiting game and #HowGamesHelp

Wii U, EA, the next gen waiting game and #HowGamesHelp
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Wow! It’s been a busy week in the gaming world. In our last post, we recapped the social media buzz surrounding Atari’s bankruptcy announcement. This time around, there’s so much happening in the industry, we don’t know where to begin!

Has Anyone Actually Played Wii U?

After hearing more and more about the lack of titles available on Wii U (most recently, the latest Tomb Raider) and its low sales numbers, we took it to Twitter to find out how people really feel about Nintendo’s newest console.

The consensus?

No one’s really that jazzed about it. With rumors that price cuts aren’t happening, Nintendo needs to ramp up its title lineup for Wii U or risk a major flop. We’re rooting for you, Nintendo!

Check out these thoughts from @GameSkinny follower, Ste Grainer:


EA’s Earnings Announcement – What’s It Mean for the Industry?

The end of January and beginning of February means it’s time for a slew of earnings announcements from all our favorite gaming companies. This week, EA announced a slight drop in revenue for its fiscal third quarter. We’re not surprised; the end of the year was slow for consoles and it shows in EA’s numbers. People are probably holding back buying new games until the next generation consoles. If companies like EA focus their efforts on digital downloads and introduce some awesome games for the next-gen consoles, they’ll be golden for 2013.



Have you noticed this amazing new hashtag trending on Twitter? – #HowGamesHelp. Started by @PDPCandace, people around the world are posting ways that gaming has helped change lives. Most responses are touching, others funny, and many downright crazy. We suggest you participate! Here are a few of our favorites (including one of our own):







Check back next week for another exciting roundup! Something particular you’d like us to discuss? Let us know.

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