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This week, GameWisp recommends you spend some time with Draegast.
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Every time I delve into the world of gaming video, I am more impressed with just how diverse the ecosystem is. Thousands of gamers from all over the world choose to take their unique experiences within games and record or stream them for the rest of us to enjoy.  But what has impressed me most about gaming video is the fact that viewers come for the personalities of the content creators as much as they do for the games.  It is those personalities that intrigue and engage us, no matter what the channel happens to be playing.

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My primary purpose in writing these articles is to shine a spotlight on those engaging personalities that don’t yet have the massive audience they deserve;  up and coming content creators who continue to churn out quality videos and refine their craft. These personalities deserve be recognized for the incredible work they do often on a daily basis.  

So here is another great gaming video personality for your to enjoy.  This weekend, GameWisp recommends that you spend some time with Draegast. 

Let’s Learn Hearthstone

Our header video today is the opening video in Draegast’s Let’s Learn Hearthstone series.  Draegast does have a fair number of long form playthroughs on his channel, but this caught my eye specifically because of the title.  Hearthstone videos have been wildly popular over the last few months, with many channels attempting some sort of Let’s Play of the World of Warcraft card game. 

But as I drop in from time to time on these series, I often feel like I am watching a sport when I don’t know the rules.  I can appreciate the moves that bring victory, but I’m never quite sure why.  This is precisely why I enjoy Draegast’s approach here. 

At the beginning of the series, he readily admits that he is a beginner and that he will probably make moves that don’t make sense.  But the point of the series is not to show off his skills as much to develop those skills and provide insight to other Hearthstone illiterates like me.  He actively asks for comments and thoughts on his moves in order to make himself a better player.  His laid-back but very informative commentary compliments the tone the series, and he spends time talking through each decision.  Draegast’s voice is pleasant to listen to and has a quality that breeds trust.  I’ve watched the first couple of episodes of the series, and I must say that I am enjoying my lesson in Hearthstone

Indie Game Spotlight

As with most channels focused on playthrough videos, Draegast has his own versions of first look videos.  His aptly named Indie Game Spotlight series focuses on the opening sequences of various indie games.  The series is very extensive and diverse, with little-known titles such as Aaru’s Awakening, Beyond Perception, and Boson X, as well as more popular titles such as FTL: Faster Than Light.  Also, several videos in this series have about a ten minute run time, which make them relatively quick views.  

This video is Draegast’s spotlight on Accelerator, a browser-based game that can be found on Newgrounds here.  If you have been following What To Watch This Weekend, you probably have noticed that I tend to enjoy videos of simple, geometric games.  The same repetitive feel that makes these games addicting makes for great video.  The simplicity also allows the video creator’s personality to shine.  This video is no exception.  The simplicity of the game allows Draegast’s laid-back commentary and reactions to the game to drive the video and engage the viewer.  

The combination of diverse game selection and informative commentary make Indie Game Spotlight a series worth watching. 

Simulation Sunday 

If Draegast’s channel wasn’t diverse enough, he added his Sunday Simulation series.  In this series, Draegast plays some of the most random and ridiculous simulators that he can find. Previous titles have included Goat Olympics 2013, Mr. Mosquito, and Rat Simulator.  This is Realistic Summer Sports Simulator, and it is, of course, all about the summer olympic games.  

These games lend themselves to sarcastic humor, and Draegast obliges in excellent fashion.  In this video particularly, the combination of ridiculous game mechanics and sarcastic humor create an experience that had me laughing out loud within the first minute. 

Being a great gaming channel is in many ways about knowing how to pick great games to highlight the gamer’s style.  One of Draegast’s strengths is in his ability to set a theme and pull in content which fits into that theme.  When this is combined with Draegast’s excellent sense of when to use humor and when to be informative, the experience becomes diverse and engaging across not just particular videos, but the channel as a whole.  It is this quality that make Draegast’s channel an excellent way to spend your time this weekend. 

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