When Glowing Pink Butterflies Just Aren’t Enough!

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Why More Pink?

When playing the girliest class in the game one has to strive for more pink glow! Creating a look that matches all the pretty pink glowing attacks was the main aim of this outfit!

Trying to create an elegant look for such a mesmerizing class wasnt easy, I had to search through all of Tyria’s high end garment stores to collect a set that matches the personality of the Mesmer!

Want The Look?

Zephyrite Helm of Lightning

T3 Human Cultural Sorcerer’s Epaulets

Whispers Garb

Flame Legion Gloves

T3 Human Cultural Sorcerer’s Pants

T3 Human Cultural Sorcerer’s Shoes

Lightning Catcher Back Piece 

Whisperblade (Sword)

The Anomaly (Focus)


Celestial & Heather 

Other Items I collected for my pink glowing mesmerizing look are

Vision Of The Mists (Greatsword)

Abysall Scepter (Scepter)

Lyss (Pistol)

Illusion (Spear)

Mirage (Trident)


This look is brought to you by Akira Antares, self proclaimed pinkest glowing Mesmer eveeeer! 🙂

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