Where should Mass Effect go from here?

Mass Effect executive producer wants your input on the next stage of the game.
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On Twitter yesterday, executive producer for the Mass Effect series, Casey Hudson, asked fans what they would like to see a new Mass Effect game. “We’re in early stages of designing a completely new Mass Effect game,” he posted, “What would you want to see in it?”

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The ending of the last installment in the series, Mass Effect 3, left the community and fans quite polarized. This is even more evident in the responses given to Hudson’s tweet. Some fans say that there can’t be a Mass Effect without Shepard, and yet others are determined that a new Mass Effect should keep its distance from him. It’s a tough call for sure, but overwhelmingly, players were asking Hudson to return to the old feel of the original Mass Effect game. But even then it’s difficult to determine if that means greater exploration or more Asari romantic choices.

Players are still responding this morning to Hudson’s post. What do you want to see? Maybe an MMO or an RTS. Should the BioWare team stick to the tried and true third-person shooter, or should it attempt a new kind of platform?

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