Who should be the alternate Hearthstone heroes?

More Hearthstone heroes are undoubtedly coming to the Inn. Here are some speculations of who else will represent the game's iconic classes.

More Hearthstone heroes are undoubtedly coming to the Inn. Here are some speculations of who else will represent the game's iconic classes.
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While the player base may still be divided on whether or not the alternate Hearthstone heroes are a worthwhile purchase, Blizzard almost certainly has more on the way. 

At the very least, this is going to continue until every class has a minimum of two characters to choose from.  If the first three are anything to go by, there seems to be a pattern of Alliance and Horde counterparts (Magni/Garrosh and Alleria/Rexxar) or failing that, good and evil (Jaina/Medivh). 

While a level 58 Death Knight is one of the less plausible suggestions, let's take a look at which heroes of the Warcraft universe seem most likely to pay a visit to the Inn for a game or two by the hearth.  

Shaman - Farseer Nobundo

A tragic hero, Nobundo was the first Draenei shaman.  He taught natural spiritualism to others of his people and now serves as a teacher for all aspiring shamans in the Alliance.  He would be an ideal counterpart to the Horde's Thrall, the most famous shaman in the Warcraft franchise.  Nobundo's background, which is more than a little heartbreaking, is told in the short story Unbroken.

Paladin - Lady Liadrin

Just as Nobundo leads the Alliance shamans, the Blood Elf Lady Liadrin leads the Horde paladins.  You might recognize her better as the Shattered Sun Cleric minion. 

While she's technically already in the game, she isn't a named legendary, so I think she's still in the running.  Originally one of the Blood Knights, Liadrin returned to a more traditional Paladin route after Velen restored the Sunwell.

Druid - Hamuul Runetotem

Hamuul Runetotem learned the druidic arts from none other than Malfurion Stormrage, becoming the first Tauren Druid.  He now passes on the teachings to other Tauren at Thunder Bluff as well as being a member of the Cenarian Circle, a group of powerful druids working to heal Azeroth from Deathwing's destruction. Overall, an ideal representative for Horde druids.

Rogue - Garona Halforcen

The half-orc, half-Draenei Garona served as Gul'dan's magically enslaved personal assassin and spy, essentially making her the original Horde rogue.  I can't think of anyone better to represent the class in Hearthstone as she embodies it perfectly. 

With the selection of Alleria and Medivh, Blizzard showed they're willing to dig deeper into their lore.  Garona Halforcen played a major role in Warcraft I and II, though had little, if any, mention in Warcraft III.  Alongside Khadgar and Lothar, she helped slay the corrupted Medivh.  More WoW players will probably recognize her now as of the Warlords of Draenor expansion when she attempts to assassinate Khadgar and the player has to chase her down and capture her so Khadgar can free her from Gul'dan's control as he did in the original timeline.

While the current rogue is a Blood Elf and therefore technically a Horde race, Valeera herself is a special case.  Valeera and Varian Wyrnn (the High King of the Alliance), along with the Night Elf druid, Broll Bearmantle, fought together in the arena as gladiatorial slaves, establishing an intense bond of trust between the three.  This bond remained after Varian reclaimed his throne, so while Valeera may not owe allegiance to the Alliance itself, its king certainly commands her loyalty. It's hard to classify her as a Horde aligned character.

Priest - Sen'jin

Trolls tend to be the race associated with the priest class in the Horde.  While Vol'jin would be ideal, he's already in the game as a legendary priest card.  His father, Sen'jin, died back in Warcraft III. But death didn't stop Uther from joining the fun, so why should the former Chief of the Darkspear tribe be any different?

Warlock - Kael'thas Sunstrider

This was a tough one.  Finding a notable warlock not closely affiliated with Gul'dan was hard enough, let alone an Alliance warlock that wasn't a minor NPC.  Kael, while a Blood Elf (who are part of the Horde) and a villain as of Burning Crusade, seemed the best fit.  I don't think he's ever outright called a warlock but he makes extensive use of fel magic and allies with the demon lord Kil'jaeden.  If it walks like a duck.... 

Also, declaring "Only a setback!" upon defeat would just be too perfect.

Who do you think should think best personifies the playable classes in Hearthstone?  Are you even going to buy the new heroes and do you think Blizzard should make more or was it a failed experiment?  Discuss!