Why I’m Excited for ESO’s Console Announcement

ESO is coming to console and it has me giddy.

ESO is coming to console and it has me giddy.

Earlier this week, at Sony’s press conference, it was announced that the much anticipated Elder Scrolls Online was going to be coming to the PS4, and later on confirmed for the Xbox One as well. I was floored. I immediately got so ecstatic with joy that I would have been content with death’s embrace at that very moment. Luckily for me that didn’t happen and I will hopefully be alive long enough to play ESO.

I am a console gamer.

I have always been a console gamer. I never had a computer powerful enough to play many PC games, and when I got old enough to get a good computer I was in love with Macs and those aren’t exactly gamer friendly, but that’s for another day. Anyway, I have always been tied to Sony consoles. Not even halfway through their conference I decided I wanted one no matter the price and with it being $399 and not coming out for another few months, you bet your bottom dollar I’m saving up as best I can to get it as close to release as possible, Christmas by the latest. Anyhow, I played both Oblivion and Skyrim strictly on my PS3 and have since devoted over 700 hours between the two games in the land of Tamriel. There’s something about a controller to me that just speaks to immersive RPGs like those made by Bethesda Studios. While not the creators they do have a hand in making sure they stick to the lore of the world so that the experience will be canon within the universe. 

My friends are console gamers.

While a few of my friends recently got gaming computers, they are mostly still console gamers. They’ve all decided that they plan on getting a PS4, unless Microsoft changes some policies by release(very unlikely), which excites me. Prior to the Xbox One reveal I was scared that I wouldn’t have anybody to join me on the PS4 in the next-gen but I wasn’t going to join in on Xbox when Sony has all my favorite franchises. With the news that ESO is coming to consoles near you I don’t have to save up for both a gaming computer, my Mac is for school, and a PS4 I simply need to buy a PS4 to play one of my most anticipated games of the next-gen. My friends have decided, at least mostly, that we will be playing ESO on the PS4.
True first-person.

Zenimax Online Studios recently releases a video of the true first-person view which will make the immersion in ESO even better and frankly more controller friendly. I can’t imagine playing an Elder Scrolls title and playing it entirely in third-person, it just wouldn’t feel like and Elder Scrolls title to me.

And that’s a wrap.

So that’s that. Mostly it’s because I prefer consoles to computers when it comes to gaming, but boy am I glad I’ll have friends to play it with.

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I have two goals in life. 1)Publish a novel and 2) write a questline in a core Elder Scrolls game. Until then, I spend my 9-5 performing IT support. The rest of my time is spent: playing games, going on hikes with my Wife and our Corgi, or planning D&D sessions that will never happen.