Will Halo 5 Have 4-Player Co-Op?

A quick discussion of 4-player co-op potentials in Halo 5: Guardians

A quick discussion of 4-player co-op potentials in Halo 5: Guardians

The possibility of a four player co-op in one of the largest mech game franchises in the world is a hugely exciting prospect.

It could add a fresh dynamic to Halo’s storyworld experience along with the boost jump and boost slam moves we already know and love from prevous titles. The fast gameplay, too, looks like it is here to stay and if the Beta’s arsenal is anything to go by, Agent Locke is geared up, ready for battle.

Trailer Reveals

The trailer is old news over in XBOX world (as it’s been superseded by Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate  as you may have seen over the last two days), but cover artwork revealed for Halo 5: Guardians in the second trailer – the wild western trope of a head-to-head duel, suggests that the battle may be too large to be fought simply 1×1. Microsoft themselves have said that “teams…play a crucial role in the showdown between Master Chief and Spartan Locke.”

It’s not too long until E3 when the Microsoft announcements dominate the show.

(Speaking of which – will E3 reveal any XBOX or PS4 news about a small indie mech-game from the UK, Beyond Flesh and Blood, which we’re looking forward to playing too?) 

Easily Achieved by 343

The multiplayer Halo 5 Beta showed off some interesting terrain design and drop mechanics which flowed well with each other, and this coupled with some team work could make for interesting tactical gameplay if combined in a four-player co-op; a superior form of cover while you take on your enemies.

Plus, a four-person team isn’t entirely new to Halo, as this was a feature we saw in Halo Reach and it worked very well – our family loved it.

343 Industries have the resources and capability to make this a reality in Guardians.

What do you think?

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