Winged Wooden Flower

Like a walking piranha plant, but prettier.

Like a walking piranha plant, but prettier.

Someone on Reddit described my avatar as a wooden flower and I felt that to be very appropriate for outfit. Purple being my favorite color made it an easy color scheme to make up. For the armor, I used the Snapdragon leg and foot pieces as well as the Nightmare vestments of the nightmare, the winged mantle, and Svanir head and glove pieces. I wanted the inner wings to be metallic like the dragon fly wings they’re modeled after. As she travels all the different and mysterious locals of Tyria, Romani cannot pass up adventures, seeking knowledge and rare treasures for crafting of exotic magical items and baubles. 

For the dyes, I used:

  • Mountain sky
  • Mithril
  • Wine
  • Grapevine
  • Whit Gold
  • Shy Liliac
  • Indigo


From the depths of the Priory in Lonar’s pass, she takes a moment on the iconic bridge wondering what mysteries the caves around here hold.

Since launch, she’s been wanting to gain access to the elusive wizards tower floating in the sky. This master crafter won’t rest even after exploring all of known Tyria.

And while her wings can only get her so far right now, maybe one day she might be able to fly. For now though, she’s try to get as high as she can on her fragile wings.

Finally, she never goes anywhere without her charr backpack, scaring off baddies from behind with its Charry cuteness. 


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