Wowcrendor: Nominee for Dragon Slayer Awards – Notable Machinima or Video Series

Wowcrendor is a nominee for the Dragon Slayer Awards by Guild Launch.

Wowcrendor is a YouTuber who likes to commentate while he plays video games. He has a video series about Leveling in WoW, where he shows video clips of him moving around the world of WoW and describing what he is doing. His descriptions are on the comedic side as he often changes his voice in effect to what he is doing in-game.

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Wowcrendor doesn’t just focus on leveling, but also other things, even what his characters are thinking. He even did a rap about Grummles that is featured on his YouTube page. It’s a cute rap so you should check it out along with his other videos. He also has other games that he shows videos playing, including Civilization V and Reus. His videos have several ranges on developing as well. Be sure to check it out.

Wowcrendor is a nominee for the Dragon Slayer Awards in the category of Notable Machinima or Video Series. If you would like to vote for Wowcrendor or view all the categories, you can visit Guild Launch’s Dragon Slayer Awards page to cast your votes.

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