Your Pokemon’s Guilty Little Secrets… #PokemonShaming

What do your Pokemon feel guilty about? A lot more than you can imagine.
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Pokémon Shaming is the newest trend among social media, and it has captured the attention of hundreds of artists around the web. The idea comes from the popularity of Dogshaming, an adorable series of photos featuring dogs with signs that contain confessions, like: “My vet bill was $1400 because I eat pinecones.”

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Pokémon Shaming shows Pokémon admitting to the things they do at home to their friends and trainers. Scrolling through the #Pokéshaming or #PokémonShaming tags on Tumblr and Twitter guarantees laughs and awws. So many of them are things you can totally imagine these Pokémon doing.

It’s an adorable way to feel like your Pokémon are just like any other pets, making mistakes out of love or curiosity. Below, are a few highlights. There were so many, so make sure to check out the tags yourself as well!


A huge thanks to all those artists who have participated in this trend, and to all of those supporters out there. I hope to see more Pokéshamingadorableness in the future.

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