Could Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Send Players Back to Kanto?

The recent trailer appears to depict Vermillion City's gym and has set fans to wondering whether players can revisit old regions once more.

The recent Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon trailer has fans speculating that the new games might possibly allow trainers to revisit Kanto -- similar to the way Pokemon Gold and Silver did back on the GameBoy Color.

The trailer features a very short, second-long blip introducing a "star" named Ryuki, But it's where Ryuki is that has set the Internet ablaze. He appears to be standing in a room decked out in yellow and trash cans, which fans are saying is highly reminiscent of Lt. Surge's gym in Vermillion City. Players of the original Red, Blue, and Yellow games, along with FireRed and LeafGreen will no doubt recall the gym's hidden switches inside said trash cans that had to be activated to reach the leader.

As Allgera Frank notes in a Polygon report, a return to Kanto would help explain why the original Sun and Moon was rife with Kanto nostalgia, from Alola Forms to the fact that the player comes from Kanto -- and also the sudden reappearance of older Red and Blue. The last time there was any indication of time having passed for Red was, of course, in Gold and Silver.

Thus, it may be more than coincidence that the re-release of those two games is coming to the 3DS virtual console this September, -- especially considering series producer Junichi Masuda previously said the original three games were only released to coincide with the series' 20 anniversary, and not to expect re-releases of Gold and Silver.

Let us know if you think there is any substance to these speculations in the comments, and be sure to check back for any new Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon updates!


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Published Aug. 21st 2017

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