5 Games That Come With Bragging Rights

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by Sckoupe

Have you ever run up against one of those games that for one reason or another seemed utterly impossible to beat? I think we all have, and can all relate in some small way to this dilemma.

A game may test your reflexes and hand-eye coordination, have an absurd enemy spawn rate or a smart and aggressively combative AI. Hell, even aesthetic design choices are fair game because there is no cut and dry formula for video game difficulty.

Some of these games may be blatantly obvious as soon as you boot it up, while others try to fool you with an innocuous facade, keeping quiet and out of sight until it's far too late.

The list that follows will share my experience with some of these troublesome little buggers, and why I think they deserve a spot on this list.

Published Nov. 24th 2016

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