Nintendo & Level-5 Go All-In on Yo-Kai Watch Globalization

Yo-Kai Watch games, toys, manga, and more coming to our hemisphere over the next year!

Level-5 – of Dark Cloud, Ni No Kuni, and Professor Layton fame – is bringing Pokemon-like Yo-Kai Watch to the West!  Their cross-media hit has been a strictly Japanese affair since the first game’s release back in July of 2013.  I don’t use “hit” lightly; the Yo-Kai Watch franchise has roped around $1 billion in merch – not including the games.

Nintendo’s publishing Yo-Kai Watch for Level-5 in the West, while Hasbro’s handling the toys.  Hasbro and Level-5 have recently announced a joint venture for their new Yo-Kai Watch toy line launching in spring of next year, so it stands to reason that the globalized versions of the Yo-Kai Watch games will release around the same time. 

Assuming the first international Yo-Kai Watch release is well-received, we can expect to see Level-5/Nintendo follow through with the sequels and spin-offs shortly thereafter.  ViZ is localizing the manga, aiming for a September launch.  Again, success depending, the Yo-Kai Watch anime (and maybe even the movie) may follow.

Published Apr. 11th 2015

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